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Our Sponsor a Space program allows businesses, organizations, and foundations the opportunity to give back to your community by sponsoring Canvus products to amplify public spaces and grow your brand.


Canvus products are big in scale and meaning. All equipped with a QR plaque that showcases your company's name.

benefit #1

create a presence in

the physical world

Put your name on epic products in the places you love.

Sponsor a Product - the physical world
QR Scan - QR Profile - Organization
benefit #2

connecting customers from the

physical world to the digital world

Canvus Designs - Bullet White connect with customers using your inspiring message
Canvus Designs - Bullet White bring awareness to new products/services you offer
Canvus Designs - Bullet White showcase employee of the month, encouraging new hires
Canvus Designs - Bullet White provide giveaways to customers digitally
Canvus Designs - Bullet White showcase your philanthropic accomplishments
Canvus Designs - Bullet White create co-branding opportunities with your suppliers
Canvus Designs - Bullet White celebrate and amplify with PR and social events

how to donate

Learn how you can enrich communities with canvus products

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canvus world communitites

minimum donation of 3 products


focused communities

minimum of 9 pieces

benefit #3

make the most of your gift

by amplifying on socials + pr

social media conversations

Our products are designed to capture attention and create a desire to share. Take part in this social buzz with your name forever attached to a big, bold, and beautiful product.

Sponsor A Product-Space -Make a Buzz

get in the news

Celebrate your donation with ribbon-cutting events, while gaining recognition in local, regional, and national media coverage.

final benefit

earned media forever in


You will forever be a part of our growing ecosystem where we drive traffic from all products, social, and PR buzz – creating unlimited potential for you to grow your brand.

CanvusWorld Results- earned media forever in

CanvusWorld Logo with Solid White Background

become a canvus


Our goal is to work with you to give back to your community. If these products are of interest to you, please reach out to our team.