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PAR means 
Primed and Ready

providing a canvas for communities to amplify their public spaces with functional art made from retired wind turbine blades

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product finishes

Stone | Canvus finish
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Stone, our signature Canvus finish, embodies the strength and beauty of the blade. This beige-gray color is designed to blend in naturally with any environment, offering a sleek, refined appearance with a warm and inviting tone.

  • two-part epoxy paint
  • protective anti-graffiti clear coat
  • scratch-resistant
  • heat-deflecting
PAR means Primed and Ready
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Turn any Canvus product into a one-of-a-kind work of art with PAR (Primed and Ready), where we apply a base coat of white primer to the surface of the product, creating a canvas for artists to paint on.

  • unique canvas for artists to paint on
  • smooth and spacious painting surface
  • protective anti-graffiti clear coat
  • functional art you can sit on, eat on, gather around

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public art


new & exciting expereriences

on-site PAR

canvus design studio

Let our talented network of Canvus Artists paint one-of-a-kind works of art for your community or send your own artists to paint at our Design Studio in Avon, Ohio. Once completed, we’ll ship the finished pieces back to your community.

off-site PAR

your community's spaces

Create a unique and memorable experience for your community by hosting your own PAR event/project. We’ll ship our products Primed and Ready to be painted by your local artists.

Canvus Brand - Mark Black

who can be a canvus artist?

Just like the art itself, Canvus Artists are inspirational, one-of-a-kind, and universal.​ It can be anyone from professionals to your own citizens, students, employees, senior citizens, and veterans.​


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 PAR stands for Primed and Ready, a program that brings sustainable functional art to communities

bring functional art 
to your community

Contact our team today to learn more about our PAR Program and how our upcycled products can help transform your public spaces.