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Our mission is to create an ecosystem for all to amplify public spaces.


Wind turbine blades are a symbol of human ingenuity, utilizing advanced technology and durable materials to power tens of thousands of homes over their lifetime. For years, though, the wind industry has struggled with recycling retired blades due to their massive size and durable fiberglass material.

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With years of experience in the manufacturing, wind, and waste sectors, we viewed this challenge as an opportunity — the chance to reimagine unique and storied materials with new function and purpose.

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After years of searching for a sustainable and scalable solution, we completely reimagined what a wind turbine blade could be. By utilizing the unique character, organic shape, and industrial durability of the blade, we are able to create functional products designed with community in mind.

Canvus combines manufacturing excellence with artisan craftsmanship to create durable products with world-class design — elevating recycled, upcycled, and sustainable materials to new heights.


What started out as an idea transformed into something much greater. Our products provide a canvas for all of us to reimagine, inspire, and share. We empower dreamers, designers, and doers to rethink waste in new and innovative ways, fostering a community for sustainability in motion.

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By breathing new life into retired materials, we can inspire imagination, creativity, and connection in others — transforming ourselves, our relationship with materials, and the places we call home.




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