WHAT CANVUS MEANS: How Our Unique Name Reflects Our Products & Mission

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July 28, 2022
WHAT CANVUS MEANS: How Our Unique Name Reflects Our Products & Mission

Learn the meaning behind our company name, why we spell Canvus with a ‘us’, and how it reflects our products and mission.


What does ‘Canvus’ mean?

The name “Canvus” is a play on the word most people think of when hearing it said aloud, that being, the material used for drawings and paintings (spelled “canvas”).

For us, retired wind turbine blades are our canvas — the unique medium we use to inspire, reimagine, and connect communities.

Our Canvas


Wind farm turbines represent the epitome of human ingenuity. With state-of-the-art technology, they provide clean renewable energy to tens of thousands of homes over their lifespan, rotating 500+ feet high in the air for 15-20 years on average. We were inspired by these extraordinary products and wanted to give retired blades a second life.

By harnessing their engineering excellence, we are able to create durable street furniture with a unique and elegant design. Our skilled artisans at Canvus hand-craft this unique, high-quality material into functional art. Every product is one-of-a-kind, retaining the original character, organic shape, and industrial durability of the blade it comes from.

We hope that as Canvus products go out into the world, the authentic story behind them, coupled with their innovative design, will resonate with people everywhere.

Your Canvas

Canvus planter with QR code tag

Our upcycled benches, chairs, tables, and planters go beyond everyday indoor/outdoor furniture. They have a deeper meaning and purpose, offering a fresh canvas for customers to share and tell their stories — inspiring imagination, creativity, and action in others.

Why is Canvus spelled with a ‘us’?

At Canvus, we are not only reimagining what a retired wind turbine blade can be, we are redefining the very idea and concept of what a canvas is too. We spell Canvus with a “us” because our products represent the humanity in all of “us” — made by and for people who care.

A Sustainable Solution

Canvus street furniture made from wind turbine blades

Our company is helping to address the wind industry’s massive fiberglass recycling challenge. Every year, thousands of wind turbine blades reach the end of their service. Their massive size and durable fiberglass material make them difficult to recycle.

According to a 2017 study by the University of Cambridge, researchers estimate there will be 43 million tonnes of blade waste worldwide by 2050, with China possessing 40% of the total, Europe 25%, the U.S. 16%, and the rest of the world 19%.

We know it will take all of “us” working together to help solve this problem. To address the issue, Canvus has developed an innovative and scalable process for upcycling end-of-life wind turbine blades. By turning old blades into high-quality street furniture for cites, parks, campuses, businesses, and other communal spaces, we are participating in a circular economy.

Furniture With Meaning

Canvus chairs in public space

Our mission is to provide a canvas for all of “us” to inspire, reimagine, and create connection. These three core principles define and guide us in everything we do.

Canvus creates inspiring products for communal spaces, providing a unique medium to connect, share, and engage with others — from custom decals and signage to our unique QR code feature, which tells the story of where each product came from, while allowing customers to share a personalized message.

‘Did you mean: canvas’?

canvas google search

While Google’s algorithm may be unfamiliar with the spelling of our company name (for now), Canvus is gaining notoriety among a variety of influencers and key groups across the United States — from wind industry leaders to street furniture buyers to interior/exterior designers.


Canvus vs. Canvas vs. Canvass

Canvus on Canvas

While “Canvus” sounds like and is spelled similarly to “canvas” and “canvass”, the three words have different meanings. To clear up any confusion, here are their definitions:

  • Canvus is a manufacturer of sustainable street furniture made from wind turbine blades. Canvus creates functional art to inspire, reimagine, and connect communities.

  • “Canvas” (noun) is a closely woven cloth made of linen, hemp, flax, cotton, or a similar yarn, used to make items such as sails and tents and as a surface for oil painting.

  • “Canvass” (verb) means to review in detail; solicit orders, votes, or political support; or to determine opinions or sentiments.


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July 28, 2022