primary material

retired wind turbine blades

We use fiberglass wind turbine blades as the foundation of our furniture, harnessing the industrial size, strength, and durability of the blade to create upcycled benches, tables, and planters that are built to last 25+ years. Each product showcases the original shape and character of the blade, creating functional works of art with beautiful organic designs.  

cut up wind turbine blade filets

seating and tabletop


We unite the blade with other high-quality sustainable materials, enhancing the story and character of each Canvus piece. The recycled materials below provide the seating surface and tabletops of our furniture, offering low-maintenance durability with a beautiful aesthetic and design.

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composite lumber

made from

Recycled Plastic used to create Composite Lumber seating for Canvus furnitureRecycled Plastics used to create Composite Lumber seating for Canvus furniture
recycled plastics

Composite Lumber seating and tabletop material made from recycled plastics | Canvus furniture

Enjoy the timeless charm of wood without the high maintenance and upkeep of traditional lumber. This durable, weather-resistant material offers beautiful wood grain patterns that won’t crack or fade.

explore the benefits of composite lumber

durable & long-lasting
high-performance decking built to withstand years of sun, sleet, and snow, preserving its rich color and durability for decades

maintenance free
designed to mimic the beauty of natural wood without the maintenance and upkeep; won't rot, splinter, or crack; no painting, staining, or sealing required; termite proof

stunning finish
light brown color offers beautiful calming tones, honey hues, and a natural subtle grain pattern

fade & stain resistant
weather-resistant shell protection maintains the vibrant color and luxurious finish of the surface; cleans easily with soap and water

heat resistant
engineered to keep the surface of the decking cool under the sun

composite decking made from an innovative blend of 95% reclaimed wood and plastic film

recycled rubber

made from

Recycled Tires used to create Recycled Rubber seating for Canvus furnitureRecycled Shoes used to create Recycled Rubber seating for Canvus furniture
recycled tires and shoes

Recycled rubber seating material made from recycled tires and shoes | Canvus furniture

Bring comfort to your outdoor space with the cushioned support of rubber seating. This high-performance material offers a durable slip-resistant surface that's built for any environment.

explore the benefits of recycled rubber

soft & flexible
long-lasting bounce and elasticity that remains soft to the touch, providing sustained performance and safety

strong, supportive, weather-resistant foundation; non-porous surface; sound and force absorption; low liquid absorption

long lasting
UV-resistant top layer preserves the color and aesthetic of the surface over time, even in the harshest conditions

versatile color
3-part blend of pearl, eggshell, and light grey colors form a beautiful and versatile composition designed to work seamlessly with all product finishes and surrounding environments

environmentally safe
non-toxic, non-allergenic rubber contains no harmful chemicals, meeting environmental standards

made from polypropylene-free virgin elastomer and rubber upcycled from post-consumer and post-industrial sources, including end-of-life tires, shoes, and manufacturing scrap

mixed plastics

made from

Ocean plastic waste used to create Mixed Plastics seating for Canvus furnitureCarpet waste used to create Mixed Plastics seating for Canvus furniture
carpet and plastic waste

Mixed Plastics seating material made from ocean, carpet, and plastic waste | Canvus furniture

This high-density material offers a dynamic blend of innovation and sustainability, reimagining plastic waste into durable, high-density boards built for everyday use.

explore the benefits of mixed plastics

extreme durability
enhanced durability and wear resistance that performs well in a wide variety of outdoor and aggressive environmental conditions

low maintenance
fiber-reinforced composite plastic material offers extended performance and longevity, eliminating maintenance costs

rot resistant
resists harmful effects of mold, rot, and termites; non-corroding

provides a waterproof, non-slip surface that does not swell, split, or splinter; does not absorb solvents, oils, chemicals

easy to clean
washable and easy to clean with a pressure washer

made of 100% recycled materials, including up to 30% rice hulls or post-consumer carpet diverted from landfills, providing an environmentally friendly alternative to wood, plastic, and aluminum

solar lighting

illuminate your space

Make your Canvus furniture multi-functional with our durable outdoor solar poles. Bring off-grid lighting to trails, paths, and seating areas, while enhancing the safety and security of your space.

Solar pole lighting accessory for Canvus outdoor furniture


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