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garrett weider

was able to find his artistic voice combining his interests in graffiti, design, pop art and nature. With his diverse skill set, Garrett tackles a range of projects varying in styles, yet seems to still encapsulate a cohesive artistic vision. Weider has painted over 50 murals around the Midwest, mostly here near home in Northeast Ohio.

"My style is constantly evolving, but have strong influences of graffiti and graphic design throughout my work."

fungus among us

PAR 2 | 08.09.2023

about the piece

"I thought organic shapes would be an interesting contrast with the  blades. Canvus is all about recycling, and with mushrooms and fungus being like nature’s garbage men, eating dead organic material on a forest floor, I thought it would be an interesting full circle kind of idea."

fungus among us


PAR #2 | 08.09.2023

Canvus Design Studio
6 colors used



explore the palette

that made this piece a reality

Weider_Blue Hyacinth
Weider_Mango Margarita
Weider_Field Poppy
Weider_Delicate White
Weider_Blue Calico
Weider_Black Magic

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