We worked with PPG to create and design product colors that could accentuate the organic shape of the blade, while providing a canvas for communities to express their unique identities. Our finishes embody the beauty and adaptability of nature, offering a beautiful aesthetic and design that can stand out in any space while blending in naturally with their surrounding environment.

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evoking a ​sense of peace​

Canvus Website - Finishes Library - Sand

This beige-gray finish offers a sleek, refined appearance with a warm, inviting tone, providing a sense of peace and tranquility that sets itself apart from any environment. 



emulating a ​natural feel​

Canvus Website - Finishes Library - Meadow

This bronze-green finish captures the enigmatic spirit of nature, cultivating a sense of vitality and adventure that can spark imagination and bring life to any space.



capturing a ​timeless charm

Canvus Website - Finishes Library - Timber

This rich, dark brown finish embodies the strength and nobility of a forest, offering a warm, familiar tone that evokes the majestic beauty of aged hardwood. 


primed & ready

a canvas for​ artistic expression

Canvus Website - Finishes Library - PAR

This special coating turns our product into a canvas for artistic expression. Engage your students, citizens, or local artists to create a one-of-a-kind piece that exemplifies and represents your community.

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