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eileen dorsey

Capturing both local landscapes and fantasy scenes in vibrant hues, Eileen Dorsey paints meditative forests of light and color. Dorsey expresses the energy of the places she visits through impressionistic or expressionistic marks. Emphasizing our connection to nature as a healing and rejuvenating experience. Dorsey’s paintings transcend reality to achieve an emotional impact.

"I was interested in the challenge of painting on an unfamiliar surface that serves the community as a resting place, provides shade, and also brings an artistic element to a space that may not have public art."

the cool air under my branches


PAR #2 | 08.09.2023

about the piece

"This mural describes a colorful forest scene meant to provide shade in the same way a tree canopy naturally provides shade to the community it is in. I hid 20 butterfly’s in the work to represent the 20% of tree canopy that remains in my home town of Cleveland, OH."


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that made this piece a reality

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explore the palette

that made this piece a reality

Dorsey_Slap Happy
Dorsey_Fall Gold
Dorsey_Annapolis Blue
Dorsey_Sweet Alyssum
Dorsey_Delicate White
Dorsey_Idyllic Isle
Dorsey_Fall Gold
Dorsey_First Light
Dorsey_Plum Perfect
Dorsey_Rum Punch
Dorsey_Citrus Punch
Dorsey_Violets Are Blue
Dorsey_Peacock Green