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received his B.F.A from the Cleveland Institute of Art in Drawing. Davon has gone on to having exhibited/curated in places such as: Bay Arts, The Museum of Contemporary Art (Cleveland), CAN Triennial, The Morgan Conservatory, Indianapolis Arts Center, The Artists Archives of the Western Reserve, The Museum of Creative Human Art and many more. He has also participated in mural activities and being an advocate for getting the arts into younger artists' vision. 

"It was awesome coming to a substrate that was made from repurposed wind turbine parts. I loved working with the Canvus team and the artists that were there. It was such a comforting and energetic experience."



PAR #3 | 10.04.2023

about the piece

"Sunjoy depicts on the front side, my character Dayven emerging from a field of sunflowers basking in the light, with his eyes closed. On the back, is a sunflower standing tall also basking in the light. The bottom portion of the piece is adorned by a field of sunflowers. This piece represents joy and contentment with striving and growing towards the light. Striving for better circumstances and absorbing the energy that comes with following a path towards the light despite adversity. With vibrant yellows, pinks and greens, the audience is able to feel the energy emanating from the piece. To feel a sense of joy and calm so that they too can feel the light."

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about the piece

"This piece is emblematic of a body of work exploring Dazzle Camouflage, a form of disruptive painting that was applied to merchant ships during WWI. Utilizing pattern, high contrast colors, and manipulated perspective, the ships were camouflaged from enemy observation. This project provided the opportunity to paint a vessel, which relates to the original concept in an interesting way."

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