We are creating a community for sustainability in motion. Canvus connects organizations and businesses that share a commitment for sustainability, a desire to reimagine a space, and a drive to inspire others. 

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Inspire your citizens, students, or visitors by reimagining your space in a sustainable way. We provide a platform for communities to request Canvus products, connecting you to donors who share your vision for sustainability.

We invite all cities, parks, schools, and universities who exemplify the following traits to reach out to us.

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Recipients are interested in and support sustainability initiatives in their communities.

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Recipients have a desire to reimagine their spaces and improve their community's experience.

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Recipients share their stories of community building to guide and inspire others.

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Canvus Website - Black Bullet 01 Complete this form and a member of our team will reach out to guide you through the process.

Canvus Website - Black Bullet 03 We'll work with you to understand your needs and suggest products suited to your locations for you to view in our online customer portal and select your favorites.

Canvus Website - Black Bullet 02 We'll post your donation requests and work on your behalf to get them filled by members of our donor community.

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Inspire new possibilities for yourself and your community by donating Canvus products to a city, park, school, or university. We empower organizations, businesses, and individuals around the world by providing a canvas for sustainability, reimagination, and inspiration.

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Demonstrate your own commitment to sustainability by making it a reality for others.

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Collaborate with Canvus to give retired materials and manufacturing waste new life as one-of-a-kind products.

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Connect with your community through functional products that share and tell a story.

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Canvus Website - Gray Bullet 01 Complete this form to connect with our Business Development team, who will help guide you through the donation process.

Canvus Website - Gray Bullet 02 We'll invite you to our online customer portal where you can view donation requests from communities across the U.S. and select the ones you want to fulfill.

Canvus Website - Gray Bullet 03 We'll help to share your story through your Canvus products with our unique product stamps and QR code pages.

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Our mission is to create a community for sustainability in motion where all individuals, organizations, and businesses can participate.