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Our Crescent Collection radiates warmth, welcoming you with open arms. These products offer familiar function in a unique and engaging form, utilizing high-quality secondary materials in an elegant way. Create a memorable setting for picnics, deep thinking, or lighthearted conversations.


Patent pending on manufacturing process and product designs.




Cryptically designed to fit into any space, the Belle bench appears as if it has always been a part of your community. Its swooping frame, emptying into a wooden seat, naturally suits any and all surrounding landscapes.

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With an exposed design that complements the organic nature of the blade cut, this backless bench is perfect for both minimalist and extraordinary settings.




The missing piece for ideas to percolate and circles to become tighter is the Carole table. Collaboration is fostered and connection is encouraged, all while sitting at a table that can adapt to any environment or aesthetic setting.

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Fixed with solar lighting in the center and a large, overlapping wood top, the Carole fits into any communal setting, day or night.




The Mimi bench tightropes familiarity and originality to inject sustainable seating into communities. Although Mimi echoes the look of a conventional bench, it separates itself through ambition, striving to make a positive impact on the world and doing so with a friendly smile.

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The Mimi is a simply designed bench, using a third of the root end section as a base and a wooden seat for the top.




Faye is a bench that can inspire four-minute monologues or the next great thinker. Its simplicity, earnestness, and elegance is grounds for a reimagination of your space and a self-examination of community sentiment.

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The Faye is constructed from a third of the root end section of the blade and topped with a wooden seat, providing access from all angles.




With a wide grin that can instantly lighten a sullen space, the Deborah puts ordinary benches back on the bench. Its purpose surpasses seating, personifying the shape one's face resembles when first laying eyes on it.

Canvus Product - Deobrah-View 2 copy
Canvus Product - Deobrah-View 1 copy
Canvus Product - Deobrah-View 3 copy

Utilizing half of the root end section of the blade, the Deborah is finished with chrome feet for stabilization and a wooden seat with enough room for two.

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