blade processing program

The wind industry has struggled with recycling retired blades due to their massive size, durability, and fiberglass material. Canvus created a solution for these blades by upcycling them at scale into benches, planters, and picnic sets designed for public spaces.

It is our goal to upcycle as many blades as possible at our manufacturing facility. All other blades and by-product that cannot be upcycled will be shredded by Canvus' partners making the material available for alternative applications.


Canvus products are big in scale and meaning. All equipped with a QR plaque that showcases your company's name.

step #1

blade cutting

field services

Field cutting is performed on the wind farm as the blades are brought down from the turbine that is being repowered or decommissioned. This step can be performed by a contractor of Canvus or by the EPC company that is handing the construction work on site.

We utilize two different cutting methods based on the project, timeframe and requirements - wire saw or mechanical saw. 

Blades will be cut into 40 to 50 foot sections to be safely transported to their final destination. Canvus will provide all cut strategies for the blades.

End-of-life fiberglass wind turbine blades being decommissioned and cut up | Canvus Blade Processing Program

End-of-life fiberglass wind turbine blades being transported on flatbed trucks in sections | Canvus Blade Processing Program


step #2

blade movement


Canvus will coordinate all logistics from the wind farm to one of its many depots or manufacturing facilities across the United States.

Blades will be shipped using flatbed or step-deck trailers and specialized racks ensuring safe transport to its final destination.

step #3

making products out of blades


The Canvus manufacturing facility in Avon, OH takes the blade sections - including difficult to process pieces like root ends - and upcycles them at scale into beautiful, impactful, lasting products for communities across the country.

End-of-life fiberglass wind turbine blades being upcycled into furniture and installed in communities by Canvus

Equipment used for shredding end-of-life fiberglass wind turbine blades | Canvus Blade Processing Program


step #4

size reduction of byproduct 


Canvus' partners will shred any non-conforming blades or by-product from our manufacturing operation that cannot be upcycled.

This shredded material is now capable of being used in many different applications such as:

  • energy for cement kilns (co-processing)
  • aggerate for cement products
  • future pyrolysis plants  

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